5 Years of Different Dog!

It all started around the kitchen table after Charlie returned from visiting a dog food manufacturer. His job working for a leading pet retailer allowed him to see behind the scenes, but as he drove home he couldn’t help but feel unsettled about what he had seen. The mass of low quality ingredients being cooked at high pressure and temperatures just to sterilise the product and give it a long shelf life. Surely this brown processed pellet isn’t the best for our beloved dogs?

Feeding dogs highly processed food felt inconsistent with the way Charlie and Alex lived their life. Having a young family they believed in feeding fresh and wholesome home cooked meals, focusing on quality of ingredients. Why should this mindset stop with their dog Crumble? One of the most important members of their family. This was a lightbulb moment for Charlie and Alex which started this crazy but amazing journey.

They started cooking for Crumble, then friends of Crumbles and then friends of friends- and before they knew it, it snowballed! In 2016 they set out to challenge the dog food industry by bringing out their very own dog food, a dog food which did everything differently! And so, Different Dog was born.

It’s been an incredible 5 years, with lots of milestones and memories. From opening our first test kitchen in London to cooking on live tv with Clare Balding at Crufts- Twice! We have celebrated, we have laughed and we have survived through tough times with the help of you, our Different Dog family.

Our team, premises, menu and our office dogs have grown in size, the latter making meetings extra fun! We have toured up and down England showcasing our cooking process at events and enjoyed meeting tons of amazing customers along the way. One memorable time was Alex devouring our very own Lamb Hotpot after a long tiring day at an event- if that doesn’t showcase how delicious our food is, I don’t know what would!

Our passion for changing dogs lives with real food has only increased with every review we see or customer we have had the privilege to talk to. All our recipes are still hand cooked in a pan by chefs using only the best human graded ingredients nature provides. With no industrial food processes, we even fill every food pot and every treat packet by hand. It truly is a labor of love!

Looking to the future we have so many plans, one of which is launching the UK’s first cooked complete Health+ Range, designed for dogs with conditions that need extra support through their diet.

We hope you’ll join us for the next 5 years of Different Dog adventures, its bound to be just as thrilling, if not more!

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Different Dog exists to improve the lives of dogs through freshly, hand-cooked food. Different Dog's recipes are nutritionally balanced by their vet and pet nutritionist for optimum canine health. They have expanded their production facilities and market presence since 2018 to reach more dog families across the UK.

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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