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  1. The best Doggy Gifts for Christmas

    Nowadays you can buy all sorts of presents online – for pets and owners alike – which means we have access to some wonderful gifts this Christmas. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.
  2. How to keep dogs safe in cold weather

    As we head in to winter and the temperature drops, be sure to keep your dog safe and warm. Here are some top tips to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy in the colder months.

  3. Why dogs can enjoy turkey too this Christmas

    With Christmas approaching it's not just humans who can enjoy some festive turkey. Our nutritionist explains what benefits dogs can get from eating Turkey and other ingredients in our Festive Feast. 

  4. Meat our butcher

    The quality of the meat we use is vital. We sat down with Sam Rowley, Director of Buttercross Farms, to find out more. 

  5. London Vet Show - a Big Thank You

    Big thank you to all the vets and vet nurses who came to visit our stand at the London Vet Show last week. We were blown away by your enthusiasm and support.  

  6. Best Dog Friendly Beaches

    Many dogs love the beach, it gives them the space to run and roam free as well as to enjoy the sea and swimming.  There are many beaches in the UK which are dog friendly and allow dogs to roam free....

  7. How to keep dogs safe in hot weather

    With this British summer proving to be a bit of a scorcher, it is important to keep our furry pals cool and safe in the heat. Here are some tips and ideas on how to keep your dogs happy and safe in the heat.

  8. It’s not just people that need fruit and veg!

    Feeding vegetables to your dog at least three times per week can help reduce the risk of cancer.

  9. What you need to know about allergies and intolerances in dogs.

    15-20% of itchy skin cases are due to a food allergy. Understanding why adverse reactions occur is the first step in addressing the issue.

  10. How to get the right balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3

    Managing our dogs' intake of fat is vital, but it's not just the amount of fat that matters – the type of fat is also important.