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Our Story

Back in 2015 I worked in the dog food industry. I got to know manufacturers, visit factories and understand how dog food is made. The more I learned, the more concerned I became.

We all know that you are what you eat. Yet we continue to feed our dogs the same food day in, day out. Often the shelf life is measured in years, and the food doesn’t even need to go in the fridge. What’s more, it doesn’t seem to have changed in years.

When we got our new puppy, Crumble, it didn't feel right to give her processed food. So we started making food for her ourselves, as we do for our children. She loved it and thrived on it. We started making it for her friends as well, and they all loved it too. People told us their dogs had shinier coats, better digestion and more bounce. So we decided to help as many dogs as we could by setting up Different Dog.

Charlie, Alex, Crumble

Our Team

Our Team

We’re a passionate bunch, whether about dogs, nutrition or health and exercise. We have a team lunch every week, courtesy of our good friend Jenny. We play great music when we’re cooking and we laugh a lot, mainly at ourselves.

  • Alex (& Crumble)

    Alex (& Crumble)

    Alex is an ex-consultant who is passionate about health and nutrition. She has created a cookbook and has had 6 dogs so far.

  • Alison (& Phinda)

    Alison (& Phinda)

    Alison has 18 years of experience as a practising first opinion vet, as well as a first class degree from Cambridge

  • Anna (& Milly)

    Anna (& Milly)

    Anna is studying for a Food and Nutrition degree. In her spare time Anna enjoys baking, sugar craft and ice skating

  • Beth (& Lilly)

    Beth (& Lilly)

    Beth has a Diploma as a professional chef, and has worked in kitchens in a number of different countries. She loves dogs just as much as she loves baking.

  • Charlie (& Crumble)

    Charlie (& Crumble)

    Charlie was Head of Food at the UK’s largest pet retailer, when he spotted the need for change in the way we feed our dogs.

  • Meg (& Finn)

    Meg (& Finn)

    Megan has a degree in Bioveterinary Science and has worked for the RSPCA as well as an animal feed company. She enjoys horse riding, cooking and photography.

  • Rhona (& Midge)

    Rhona (& Midge)

    Rhona studied Journalism at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute Manchester and is very enthusiastic about hiking, reading, and road cycling.

  • Steph (& Roxy)

    Steph (& Roxy)

    Steph has a degree in Animal Health and an Animal Management diploma. She wrote her dissertation on pet food.

Do you love dogs? Do you want to change the world?

If so, we are recruiting for roles in tech, marketing and operations. Please send a CV and brief covering letter to

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