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Why Should You Feed Your Puppy Fresh Dog Food?

19 June 2023Dog Nutrition & Food

Whether you’re a new puppy parent finding out what you should feed your new pup or a seasoned dog owner looking to increase your pet’s nutrition, you may be wondering if fresh dog food is the right choice for you. 

From traditional kibble to raw dog food, there are many food options available for your new furry companion so choosing the right one may seem like an overwhelming task.

Fresh dog food is becoming an increasingly popular choice for dog owners, but just how much better is it? 

We’ll explore the advantages of feeding your puppy fresh dog food from the use of high-quality ingredients to benefits like a healthier, more balanced diet, longer lifespan, improved digestion, and of course, the irresistible taste. 

Read on to discover why fresh dog food might just be the best choice you can make for your puppy's health and happiness.

High Quality Ingredients

A diet that is packed with high quality ingredients is at the core of your puppy's growth and overall well-being.

Fresh dog food is made using carefully selected, human-grade ingredients, providing your furry companion with optimal nutrition. 

Your puppy will benefit from eating real, whole meat sources and fresh fruits and vegetables whilst avoiding animal and vegetable derivatives that aren’t fit for human consumption as well as preservatives and artificial colours that are often found in traditional dry dog food.

Many commercial kibbles also have a high percentage of fillers that add little or no nutritional value. At Different Dog we pride ourselves in creating nutritious, fresh dog food that is 60% British protein and 40% fresh fruit and veg and that’s it - no added nasties! 

This ensures that your puppy is eating a diet rich in essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats needed for their development, energy, and a strong immune system.

By choosing fresh dog food, you are investing in your puppy’s long-term health and happiness, and opting for a balanced diet that is free from the common pitfalls of processed food.

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Healthy and Balanced Diet 

One way you can ensure that your puppy is getting a healthy, balanced diet is by feeding them fresh dog food.

Freshly cooked food is designed to meet the specific requirements of puppies and supports their high energy needs whilst balancing the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre and essential nutrients that your puppy needs to grow and develop.

A diet that is balanced and packed full with nutrients supports your puppy’s cognitive development, bone and muscle growth, and promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin. 

In many commercial dry foods, the largest percentage of constituents are often fillers like wheat, corn, and soy and only contain animal and meat derivatives, offering a lower nutritional value than fresh dog food. 

The raw dog food diet can pose its own health risks such as possible choking, intestinal blockage or chipped teeth. Moreover, some commercial raw dog food products have an increased risk of exposing your dog to antimicrobial-resistant bacteria

By formulating your own raw food diet, your puppy may also not be getting the nutrition it needs.

That’s why at Different Dog, all of our recipes are approved by our very own canine nutritionist who carefully researches, trials and selects every ingredient to make sure that they meet the highest nutrition standards.

Longer Life Span

We all want to spend as much time as we can with our beloved companions, so one of the most compelling reasons to feed your puppy fresh dog food is the potential for a healthier, longer life. 

Good nutrition is a key factor in determining a pet's longevity, and fresh food offers an unrivalled level of nutrition.

By getting your pup started on a diet packed with high-quality, fresh ingredients early, you are supporting their overall health and wellbeing whilst helping to prevent the onset of various diseases. 

Conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancers are less common in dogs that consume a fresh, balanced diet. 

The natural sources of antioxidants and essential fatty acids in fresh food can also boost your puppy's immune system and slow down the ageing process. 

Take Bobi, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest dog at 30 years of age, as a prime example. 

Whilst there are a few variables that have contributed to such a long life, his owner attributes his diet of unseasoned human food as one.

It’s no wonder that a diet of high-quality ingredients that are fit for human consumption can give your pup a longer life than the animal byproducts in commercial kibble.

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Fresh dog food can make a positive impact on digestion as it uses natural, whole ingredients that are gentle on your puppy’s digestive system and are easier to break down and absorb. 

This reduces the risk of digestive issues, bloating and ensures that your pet has more comfortable and regular bowel movements.

Processed foods, on the other hand, often include fillers and artificial ingredients that are difficult to digest. 

A study on dog food ingredients from the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association found that dry foods that listed an oil or fat in the first four ingredients was associated with an increased risk of gastric dilatation-volvulus, a serious condition where the stomach becomes bloated with gas and swells.

In contrast, the fresh fruits and vegetables used in fresh dog food are high in fibre and can help to maintain the healthy gut flora and further support good digestive health.

The Taste!

We can’t deny it and neither can our dogs - fresh dog food simply tastes better!

Unlike kibble, which is produced on an industrial scale and made from poor quality ingredients, additives and preservatives, fresh dog food is made with high quality ingredients that offer your furry friends a variety of rich flavours and textures. 

That’s why at Different Dog, we have the empty bowl guarantee, because we’re confident that your puppy will lick their food bowl clean.

Think succulent chicken, fresh fish and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables; these are the flavours your puppy can look forward to and savour in every meal. 

This makes mealtimes enjoyable for them but also encourages consistent eating habits, which are crucial for their growth and development.

Better yet, there are no unnecessary additives or preservatives in fresh dog food, meaning that your puppy can enjoy the natural taste of each ingredient and you can enjoy peace of mind that they’re getting the nutrients they need and are enjoying their mealtimes.

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How Can Different Dog Help?

Different Dog are committed to producing freshly cooked dog food using locally sourced ingredients to provide dogs with the best nutrition possible.

Our expert vet, canine nutritionist and behaviourist check and approve every recipe, every ingredient and every added vitamin, so you can be sure each mouthful is packed full of the right balance.

Discover our range of fresh dog food recipes or create a meal plan for your puppy today!

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