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Wet Dog Food vs Fresh Dog Food

12 February 2024Fresh Dog Food

Is wet or fresh dog food best for your dog? Learn more about their differences and the best option for a happy healthy dog. Tail-wagging goodness awaits!

Our freshly cooked dog food is formulated by our canine nutritionist, Bianca, and approved by our expert veterinarian, Alison.

Wet dog food is one of the most popular choices of dog food diets currently available on the market, but has its time on the top spot come to an end?

Over the past few years, freshly cooked dog food has entered the market with a bang and has been rising in popularity. Fresh dog food diets are starting to dominate the market, as they challenge the processes and ingredients of what we think of as “traditional” dog food. 

The more information that is available about dogs and their ideal diets, the more dog owners, new & experienced, are becoming aware of the health benefits of a freshly cooked diet. It is widely believed that feeding a freshly cooked diet promotes the longevity of your dog. This diet is also known to provide high-quality proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to keep them active and full of energy 365 days a year.

The aim of this article is to help all dog owners understand the importance of a nutritious diet for their dogs. Come along for the ride as we compare wet dog food with freshly cooked dog food; we’ll conclude with which diet is the best for dogs' overall health & well-being. Let’s begin…

What is Wet Dog Food?

Wet dog food is often found in a can or pouch on the shelves of your local pet shops and supermarkets. It often resembles chunks of meat in a jelly or gravy-like substance. 

Here’s a couple of quick facts;

  • Wet dog food has a higher moisture content than dry dog food, with an estimation of 60-87% of this type of dog food being moisture content rather than nutritious ingredients.
  • The harsh industrial cooking process can result in oxidation and partial deterioration of the raw components; as a consequence, the quality of the final product is often poor. 
  • The meat found in wet food can be as low as 4% of the entire meal and often contains animal derivatives which are picked up during the slaughter process. 
  • The smell of wet dog food is very distinguishable, which is down to the use of animal proteins that become more potent when they’re wet. Smelly food often equals smelly gas coming from the other end!

Different Dog meal

How is Wet Dog Food Made?

Wet dog food is made by selecting ingredients such as meats and vegetables which are then often ground together and combined with carbohydrates and grains to bulk out the recipe. A gravy/jelly substance is then added for moisture, which often includes vitamins & minerals for added flavour.

After this is finished, the mixture is then cooked at a high temperature, sterilised and decanted into cans to be sealed and distributed.

Can you Feed Wet Food to your Dog?

Yes, you can, wet food is readily available at an affordable price, but if you’re interested in safeguarding your dog’s health, it might be better to think twice before popping those wet cans in your trolley.  

Although convenient, as you can pick them up with your weekly shop, you may find you end up spending more than you think on wet food as the lack of nutrients in this diet can leave your dog feeling quite hungry, even after a large bowlful.

Disadvantages of Feeding Wet Dog Food

While there are quite a few advantages of a wet dog food diet such as convenience, price point and increased moisture intake, there are drawbacks which can impact the happiness and health of your dog.

  • Minimal health benefits: Wet food can be low in meat, meaning your dog isn’t getting the amount of protein they need to naturally thrive. This can lead to a decrease in energy, alongside dull coats, dry skin, and unhealthy bowels. 
  • Messier and smellier: We are what we eat, which is no different for our dogs. Owners may find that they are bagging bigger, and sloppier stools. Wet-fed dogs often experience sore tummies and smelly gas which is not pleasant for anyone! 
  • Longer Shelf Life: This may seem like a positive but anything that claims to be meat but lasts months, if not years in a non-refrigerated environment has most likely been chemically preserved. 
  • Portion Size: Wet dog food comes in tins and small pouches which, depending on the size of your dog, may lead to you feeding a number of tins daily to reach their recommended portion size.

Wet vs Fresh Dog Food

In contrast to wet food, we have freshly cooked dog food, which is a member of the fresh dog food category. 

But the question is, is freshly cooked food a better option for your dog? Read on as we discuss the fresh food movement which thousands of dog owners are turning to to help their dogs lead a longer, happier and healthier life.


What is Freshly Cooked Dog Food?

Freshly cooked dog food not only looks and smells a lot more appetising than its wet descendants but it is also a lot healthier. How do we know that? Well, 92% of dog owners have reported an improvement in their dog’s health since switching to Different Dog’s freshly cooked recipes. 

But what makes them so good for our four-legged friends?

High-quality ingredients: Our fresh dog food recipes are made with nutritious ingredients, providing your dog with optimal nutrition from quality protein, fibre and carbohydrates. We only use first-cut, 100% British meat alongside quality fruit and vegetables, just like you would pick up for yourself in the supermarket. 

Gentle cooking temperatures: We cook every recipe low and slow in a giant pan, to naturally preserve the ingredient's flavour and goodness. Our chefs hand-stir every batch to ensure that everything is cooked thoroughly and evenly.

No cheap fillers: Our recipes are free from grains, lentils and legumes which can often be difficult for dogs to digest.

Benefits of Feeding Fresh Dog Food

Better digestion: In most cases, putting high-quality, natural ingredients in your dog’s bowl leads to a healthier stomach and digestion. This also means smaller, easy-to-bag poops which means happy dogs and happy owners.  

Less trips to the vet: Our freshly cooked diet includes a whole host of natural health boosters in our carefully selected fruit, vegetables and superfoods. A lot of our customers report how pleased they are to see their vet less and less (it’s nothing personal). 

Healthy and balanced diet: Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need to thrive without the additional stress of researching supplements or meal-prepping yourself. 

Potential longer life span: We’d give anything for more time with our dog, and feeding a fresh diet has been known to increase dog’s lives by around 2 years. 

Taste and variety: There are no additives or preservatives in our fresh dog food, just freshly cooked, delicious ingredients and with 13 recipes to choose from, meal times become more enjoyable and exciting for your dog!

Different Dog meal

Is Fresh Dog Food the Best Choice for Your Dog?

We know better than anyone that every dog is different, and therefore different diets suit different dogs. But unlike wet dog food, our freshly cooked dog food is filled with delicious, nutritious ingredients to promote a longer life span; so it’s certainly worth exploring it as an option. 

Our recipes are particularly popular with “fussy dogs” as we have countless former-fussy pups who have rediscovered their love of dinner time thanks to the delicious tastes and aromas of Different Dog. 

Have a read through our website to learn more about the health benefits of the Different Dog diet, or if you’re ready to embrace the goodness of freshly cooked dog food, get started today.

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