How to teach your dog the ‘Paws-Up’ command

3 happy dogs with front paws on a tree stump

Getting your dog to put their front paws up on an object is a handy and fun trick to teach – whether it’s so grandma can give them a fuss; to help with grooming or simply for a cute photo opportunity. Paws-Up is also a great way to build up your dog’s confidence and a trick anyone in the family can teach.

We caught up with Diane, our in-house behaviourist and owner of Superhounds to find out the best way to teach it to your dog. 

Dog behaviourist Diane teaching Paws Up to a dog

Your first job is to pick out the object you want them to put their paws on, just make sure it’s low enough that they don’t have to lift their paws above their shoulders. A small step, low log, or an upside down washing up bowl on a non-slip mat would all work well.

The object needs to be secure, so they don’t move or knock it and lose their confidence or hurt themselves. You can always pop the object between your feet for an extra bit of security.

Watch the video below and follow our step by step guide.

Step 1: 

Find a tasty treat, like these ones on the Different Dog shop that will keep your dog’s attention as you’ll be using it to encourage them onto the object. 

You may need to build their confidence with the object first if they are uneasy about placing their paws on it, just give it time and lots of 'pawsitive' encouragement, it will come! 

Step 2:

Once your dog has both feet on the object, make sure to mark and reward straight away so they know they have got the move right.

Step 3:

When your dog is confident putting their paws on the object you can then add in your cue word ‘Paws-Up’. They’ll then start associating the words with the move.

Step 4:

Before you know it, you’ll be able to remove the treat lure. You can still pretend to have a treat in your hand if this helps, then make sure to mark and reward when your dog has both feet on the object.

Step 5:

And that’s it – well done to you and your dog on mastering the Paws-Up command. Be sure to show off your dog’s new moves by taking a photo of their Paws-Up and tag @differentdog on social – we’d love to see it.

Dog with front paws on a Different Dog delivery box

Diane, our canine behaviourist has been training dogs for since 2009 and uses positive reinforcement training methods and motivational techniques such as toys, markers and food to get the best results for you and your dog. To find out more about Diane and Superhounds, visit

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