A Love Like No Other: Our Pupstomers’ Love Stories

12 July 2022Dog Stories

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong." – W.R. Purche

Whether they launch themselves in the air at the sight of you coming back after a long day or give you a gentle (albeit wet) nudge with their nose when you’re feeling down, the love we get from our dogs is just the best.

This Valentine’s month, we asked a few of our special pupstomers for some feel-good love stories about their pooches. First up, Susan and Rambo…

Susan and Rambo

Selfie of Susan with her dog Rambo

Just how has Rambo brought more love into your life?

I smile and laugh a lot more since Rambo came into my life. Through having Rambo, I have made some amazing friendships with other dog parents that I probably wouldn't have made without him and have also tried out new things like doggy cinema and doggy bingo!

What do you love most about Rambo?

Everything of course! The way he cuddles up to me and how he remembers places he has been and will take you back there to revisit them. He knows where the dog shop is near us, but he doesn't know the opening hours or understand that they're closed! And the fact he has a favourite teddy that he must suckle every night before he goes to sleep.

How does he show you love?

Whenever I've been away from Rambo (even if it’s for a few minutes), I get greeted with the cutest bum wiggle to show how happy he is I'm back.

Anna, Charlie and Franklin

Charlie taking a selfie with Anna holding their dog Franklin

How has the lovely Franklin brought more love into your life?

Franklin has brought more love into our lives through the pure joy he shows just from seeing us; whether that’s first thing in the morning, or even coming back into the room after leaving for a minute. He has brightened our days just being his goofy self and a total joy.

What do you love most about Franklin?

I can’t possibly pick one thing I love most about Franklin as he’s the best thing ever. But one thing people tend to say they love about him are the wrinkles on his little feet. They are so adorable!

How does he show you love?

Franklin has a very funny way of showing love. He climbs up on your shoulder and rests his face on yours, covering your nose and mouth which makes it very hard to breathe. It’s hilarious and we like to say if you get the pleasure of being suffocated by Franklin, then he truly loves you. He is also a very cuddly and kissy pup who just constantly spreads his love to everyone.

Kine and Mila

Kine sat on a bench outside and holding her dog Mila

How has Mila brought more love into your life?

In short, by being our wonderful Mila! 

Mila came to us as an 8-week-old pup and we fell head over heels with her in a matter of moments. Seeing her settle into our home, trusting, and getting to know us and the world has been so, so special.

She has grown to be the sweetest girl with lots of love and affection to give in her own little ways. She never fails to put a smile on our face or the people’s she meets.

I sometimes wonder how we got so lucky. She really has the sweetest little heart full of unconditional love.

What do you love most about Mila?

I love that Mila is an affectionate dog, who loves to cuddle but is also a dog who loves the outdoors. And I love her little ways.

How does Mila show you love?

Mila shows her love in various ways. The very obvious being tail wagging. She is also big on kisses/licks/cuddles and tends to “spin” when she’s very, very happy about something.

Mila will also very often find ways to rest her head on our shoulders, be it in bed or sneaking up on the sofa back behind us. I like to think this is her way of hugging us.

She also has this very special way of looking at us, which is hard to describe in words.

Do you have a love story to share about your pup?

Then we’d love to hear from you. Email feedme@differentdog.com for your chance to be featured in one of our blogs and social media.

To find out the different ways our dogs show us love from our in-house canine behaviourist Diane, read more here.

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