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Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

Just like for people, there are plenty of benefits that come from providing home cooked dog food.

  1. Fresh, natural ingredients – dogs might have more robust digestive systems than we do but making sure they don’t eat lots of highly processed food that is full of refined carbohydrates can keep happy tails wagging
  2. Variety – we get bored eating the same food everyday and so do dogs. Home cooked dog food gives you the flexibility to mix and match, giving your dog a healthy, varied diet. This is particularly important for improving gut health, as well as overall wellbeing.
  3. Low-Allergen and Easy to Digest – with homemade dog food, you know exactly what’s going into your dog’s bowl, which means you can cater to any specific allergens and dietary requirements. For instance, some store-bought dog foods contain grain, which is hard for dogs to digest.

Canine Cuisine – What is the Right Way?

Of course, just like for people, there are right ways and wrong ways cooking homemade dog food. In fact, recent research has shown that 95% of home prepared diet recipes that are commonly available don’t provide the right levels of essential nutrients and goodness.

For instance, many recipes contain fruits and vegetables. This is often fine as they can provide our pet pooches with the same goodness they provide us. However, some are nutritionally inadequate or actually toxic! We all know not to feed dogs grapes but what about onions? Or mushrooms? It really isn’t as simple as giving our furry friends the same meal as us.

It’s also really important that your hungry hounds get plenty of what they need. Dogs need the right ratios between calcium and phosphorous, and omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, for instance.  Sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it?

Different Dog – Your Home Cooked Dog Food Chef

So, how to get all the benefits of homemade dog food while ensuring your peckish pups eat all the right things? Different Dog are here to help.

Our recipes have all the benefits of home cooked dog food but with the peace of mind they’ve been nutritionally balanced by our pet nutritionist and vet. They are also hassle free – we are like your own private doggy chef.

We also run “Cook for your Dog” evenings at our Different Dog Kitchen to help inform people about the importance of a healthy doggy diet and to teach owners how to prepare healthy, nutritious hand cooked dog food at home.