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While our chefs get cooking your dog's new

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Read on for what to expect from your first

delivery including how to store your food

and our top tips for a smooth transition.

Firstly, a welcome from our founders

Charlie and Alex made it their mission to change dogs' lives with real food, and we are thrilled to be cooking for you and your four-legged friend.

What to expect on delivery day

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Transitioning your dog to our recipes

It’s important to transition your dog to any new diet gradually to help their microbiome (that’s the good bacteria that lives in their gut) to steadily adapt to ingredients and textures.

By adding just a small amount of their new food in with their current diet and building up slowly, our dogs are less likely to experience tummy upsets or loose stools.

A Great Dane patiently waiting for a bowl of freshly cooked Different Dog food
Food that says I love you
ClockIt takes about 2 mins

Healthy Dogs

Start with just 10% of Different Dog alongside 90% of their current food. If there are no issues, increase the amount of Different Dog by approximately 10% every day for 7 to 10 days, reducing their existing food gradually as you go. Once they are eating 100% of their Different Dog allowance you can start feeding a variety of our recipes to find their favourite!

FAQ - After My Delivery

When should I expect to see healthy changes in my dog?

It’s important to remember that every dog is different, and the timeline and benefits themselves differ from dog to dog. However, some of our customers report benefits such as better digestion and healthier, less frequent poops as soon as a couple of weeks into our food. Over time you may notice other benefits such as:

Better overall health and fewer trips to the vet

Less smelly gas

Healthier, itch-free skin

A shinier coat

Increased energy levels

More excitement around mealtimes

Charlie and Alex on a sofa with five dogs

How can I edit my recipes and add treats?

We've got 7 unique protein sources across 13 recipes, so there's something for every pup (even the really fussy ones!). Add new recipes and choose from our vast range of delicious, health treats by visiting your online account.

Here are some of our office dog's favourite treats...

Original Turkey Snacks

Made from 100% British turkey & peppered with thyme, these treats are simple, healthy, & packed with a protein punch.

What's next?


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Chat to our experts

As a customer, you have direct access to our in-house experts, Alison, our superstar vet, Bianca, the nutritionist behind our recipes and Diane, our behaviour expert. Click the button below to request a free consultation.


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