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Braised Beef

Shropshire beef, gently braised with spinach and apple. Full of goodness and tail-waggingly tasty.

Chicken Casserole

A classic casserole with red cabbage, sweet potato and parsely. A lower fat option but tail waggingly tasty. Don't leave it in your bowl or your humans might snaffle it...

Lamb Hotpot

Warm the soul with our delicious lamb hotpot recipe. Bursting with red cabbage, parsnip and apple. Eat it quick before the humans smell it!

Turkey Fricassee

Slow cooked Turkey with Cabbage, Sweet Potato and Banana. It will get you patting your paws for more!

Best Paw Forward

Start the year with your Best Paw Forward. Healthy, delicious and nutritious!

Comforting Chicken - For dogs under the weather

A restorative complete dog food that is gentle on the stomach and packed with superfoods, full of vitamins and minerals to help give a dog a boost. A great alternative to chicken and rice.

Keep-Me-Trim Turkey

A tasty low fat complete dog food for those dogs who need to lose some weight, or simply want to stay in perfect condition. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and lip smackingly tasty

Festive Feast

The best time of year to spread love and cheer. Treat your four-legged friend to their very own Christmas dinner made with turkey, red cabbage and dried cranberries!

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