A Love Like No Other: Crumble’s Story

Photo of Alex' dog, Crumble

For many of us, the best part of the day is coming home to a wagging tail. There’s nothing better than the unconditional love our dogs bring to our lives.

Our dogs give us a lot to be thankful for; they’re cute, affectionate, expressive, and never judge us – oh and there’s nothing better than the feeling they give us when we earn their wags and kisses! In our eyes, dogs are the epitome of unconditional love – something the world could do with a little more of.

To celebrate Valentine’s month, we’ll be sharing stories from our Different Dog family and the ways our dogs emotionally and physically change our lives for the better. We hope you enjoy our series of feel-good stories, starting with our co-founder Alex and her dog Crumble, Different Dog’s own doggy CEO and the inspiration behind our food.

Jess (from Different Dog): Hi Alex, thanks for chatting to us about love and dogs...talk about the perfect pairing! We know you are a busy family of 7 (including Crumble and her kitty best-friend) but just how has Crumble brought more love into all of your lives?

Alex: In the words of Jerry Maguire 'She completes us!" Cheesy but true, she really has completed our family. Her unconditional love, energy and trusting nature has enhanced all our lives and not just that, she has helped make many of our dreams come true. She’s the inspiration behind Different Dog and as such, made our dream of making thousands of dogs healthier and happier a reality. 

Her love of the outdoors has rubbed off on us all too and inspired us to explore the wonderful countryside on our doorstep in Shropshire and beyond. Charlie (co-founder of Different Dog and Alex’s husband) is a keen runner and Crumble is always willing to step up and be his stalwart training partner come rain, snow or sun, her efforts helped him to win a silver medal at the World’s 800m MV40 Championship in 2019. She is now pushing him hard in training for the gold in the World Champs this summer!

Alex holding her dog Crumble in her arms

Jess: Wow, Go Charlie! Sounds like Crumble needs to add “running coach” to her lengthy CV. Now, talking about job titles, there are dogs that work as “emotional support workers” or “therapy dogs” but all dogs really have an amazing talent of emotionally connecting with us. How does Crumble support you and your family in that way?

Alex: She supports us every day! With the rollercoaster of life, she has been a faithful, steadying support. She helped us all hugely during lockdown, reducing stress and anxiety and has been a constant friend to talk to for the children when they were away from their school friends. She was also the topic of lots of conversations when the boys set up their helpline ‘Cheerful Chat’ during lockdown to support other people isolating alone. She is arguably the most important member of the family! 

Jess: Crumble really is incredible! Do you have a story of when she has gone above and beyond to show love?

Alex: We always go to Cornwall in the summer with our wider family (of humans and dogs) and one year when we were having an evening picnic on the beach, Josie (5) and Ben (7) were playing by the water's edge watching the waves crashing in. At one stage a big breaker came in and Crumble immediately went in front of the children and barked to move them away from the sea to safety, which worked.

Jess: What have we done to deserve dogs eh? They really do make the world a better place!

Alex, Charlie and their dog crumble running on the beach

Do you have a story about your dog and how they have inspired and supported you with their unconditional love? Then we’d love to hear from you. Email feedme@differentdog.com for your chance to be featured on one of our blogs and social media.

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