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There is a Better Way

Different Dog is a completely new kind of dog food, which has been created with a sole ambition of making dogs healthier. It has all the natural goodness of a raw food, without the worry of handling raw meat and the inconvenience of a 24-hour shelf life.

You'll also be sure you’re feeding your dog a properly balanced diet, which can be difficult with some raw foods.

There is a Better Way

Gently Cooked

Our food is cooked gently in a pan, like a bolognese or a casserole, then frozen. All you have to do is defrost it and feed it to your dog. Once defrosted, it lasts for five days, and lives in the fridge, just like something you had cooked yourself.

Developed with our Vet and Nutritionist

Our food took 18 months and 150 versions of the recipe to develop, with our own vet and nutritionist making sure we got the details absolutely right. You won't find a healthier dog food – it's made with 60% British meat, freshest veg, fruit and herbs, and no nasties.

Dog Food Delivery Service

Considering a raw dog food delivery service? Try Different Dog instead! Our recipes are yummy (for dogs) and you can either buy meals as a one off or subscribe for a regular delivery, all online.

Gently Cooked
  • New and exciting recipes hand cooked every week.

    We're the only people who do this
  • Freshest seasonal ingredients from British suppliers.

    We care about quality and sustainability, and we love British farmers
  • Created with our own pet nutritionist and vet.

    Your dog's health is our top priority, so we asked a vet and a nutritionist to join the team

Our Story

Back in 2015 I worked in the dog food industry. I got to know manufacturers, visit factories and understand how dog food is made. The more I learned, the more concerned I became.

We all know that you are what you eat. Yet we continue to feed our dogs the same food day in, day out. Often the shelf life is measured in years, and the food doesn’t even need to go in the fridge. What’s more, it doesn’t seem to have changed in years.

When we got our new puppy, Crumble, it didn't feel right to give her processed food. So we started making food for her ourselves, as we do for our children. She loved it and thrived on it. We started making it for her friends as well, and they all loved it too. People told us their dogs had shinier coats, better digestion and more bounce. So we decided to help as many dogs as we could by setting up Different Dog.

Charlie, Alex, Crumble

Our Team

  • “This food has changed our pup's life. The difference is incredible”

  • “This change in Tayto’s health is beyond anything I had expected”

  • “Best dog food company I've ever come across – it's truly changed her and I'll be forever grateful”

  • “Starting Different Dog has been life changing for Socks”

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