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What Can I Feed my Dog for Christmas Dinner?

1 December 2023Fresh Dog Food

With the big retail stores releasing their tear-jerking Christmas adverts, the countdown to the festive season is officially on.  

While you might be running from store to store, checking off your festive shopping list and making sure you've got gluten-free stuffing for Aunt Emma, there's one family member that you don't have to worry about.  

When it comes to your dog's Christmas dinner, we've got you covered. This year we are serving delicious Turkey Fricassee with an added serving of nourishing Bone Broth, served warm to release even more stimulating aromas to get their senses jingling. Whoops, we meant tingling.  

This Turkey recipe is one of our top-selling fresh dog food recipes and is guaranteed to get gobbled up in no time. We make it with 100% succulent British turkey gently cooked with cabbage, sweet potato, crunchy carrots and even banana. Click here to add it to your order, then sit back and relax while our chefs hand-cook your four-legged friend's feast and ship it directly to your door in time for the big day. 


P.S. We recommend adding a pack of tasty Turkey & Trimmings treats to your next box, which you can easily wrap and hide away in your pup's stocking (because we know they have one!).

What foods are dangerous for my dog at Christmas? 

In our eyes, it wouldn't be Christmas without these tasty treats. However, while we see them as Christmas dinner essentials, your dog mustn't partake in these festive favourites.    


Christmas pudding/mince pies - These delicious puddings often contain currants, sultanas and raisins, which are toxic to dogs. Even a small amount ingested can cause kidney failure.  

Stuffing - While a staple part of our Christmas roast, stuffing is high in fat and salt and often contains onions that are toxic to your dog.  

Gravy - Christmas Dinner is never complete without lashings of tasty gravy. However, this item is exceptionally high in salt, so it is unsuitable for your dog.  

Sweets - Xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener, is often found in sweeties. It is poisonous to dogs and can induce insulin release in the body, resulting in low blood sugar and sometimes liver damage.  

Chocolate - The chemical theobromine is found in chocolate and is very toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more potent levels of theobromine become.  

Cooked turkey bones - Cooked bones become brittle during cooking, which means they can splinter when chewed. They can also cause a serious obstruction when swallowed whole. 

Alcohol/Caffeine - Winter warmers and popped Prosecco are for pawrents only!

Different Dog's top tips for managing Christmas with your dog and visitors: 

  • Be aware that your dog might find visitors arriving and staying overwhelming; if they need to take themselves away to "hide out" on their own, let them.  
  • Try and keep their routine similar; for example, take them on walks and feed them at similar times to their usual schedule. 
  • Don't leave uncovered food on the counter or tables where your dog can reach it, and don't leave sweets or chocolates wrapped under your tree.  
  • Tell visitors about health conditions and ensure they know not to feed them scraps. Perhaps assign a "treat jar" with safe treats that children can use when they want to treat your dog. 
  • If you have visiting dogs, ensure they are supervised or separated during mealtimes.  
  • Make children aware of your dog's "safe spaces"; for example, if they are in their bed, they want to be left alone, and it's not the right time to pet them.  

We ho-ho-hope you have a fantastic celebration with your two and four-legged friends this festive season.   


Please note that no boxes will arrive between the 24th to 28th of December or the 1st to 3rd of January. ⁠We will automatically reschedule all deliveries due on these days to arrive with you a few days early to ensure your pup has their favourite recipes over the festive season.  

Visit your online account to check your next delivery date (and add some tasty treats to your order) here.  

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