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What it costs

Prices start from as little as 70p a day for a Tasty Topper, which is 25% of your dogs’ diet.You can choose between different plans, pot sizes and delivery frequencies – click Subscribe Now below to get started and view your different options!

Feeding guidelines

Your dogs’ daily requirements depend on a few different things, including age, activity level, whether they are neutered and what shape they are in. Our short questionnaire will ask you about all of these things, and calculate the perfect portion for your dog! Our plans are flexible, and we have our own vet Alison on hand at all times, so if you have any questions about our food or how much to feed just give us a shout – we love to chat.

Small Dog (5kg)

220 grams / day

360 Kcal / day

From £0.70 per day

Medium Dog (15kg)

500 grams / day

820 Kcal / day

From £0.90 per day

Large Dog (30kg)

800 grams / day

1400 Kcal / day

From £1.30 per day