Spoil Your Dog Day

I doubt any of us need an excuse to  treat our best friends and appreciate them that little bit more- but just in case, you should be aware that August 10th is officially ‘Spoil Your Dog Day’!

The dog-human bond is strong and often our close friendships with dogs have benefits for both us and them. Dogs are sociable animals and love to spend time with us, so spoil them with your time and attention this August 10th.

Take them to their favourite spot for a good walk or swim but also consider going on a new adventure! An unfamiliar environment can be exciting for a dog and provide mental as well as physical stimulation.

 New training exercises can also be mentally stimulating for your dog and provide a good way to release some of their energy, helping them to settle and feel content at the end of the day.

Set aside some time for play! Many dogs enjoy Tug of War games and when the rules of the game are set out clearly for your dog; they can build confidence, teach a dog self-control, provide mental and physical stimulation and strengthen the dog-owner bond. 

Food treats are generally very well received by our four legged friends. Treats can be used for training, to reinforce good behaviour or just to show them you care, especially on ‘Spoil Your Dog Day’! 

When choosing treats, opt for those that aren’t high in fat and are free from artificial flavours, colours and added sugar and salt. You could even make your own healthy treats using some of the Different Dog recipe ideas we’ve shared online. Make sure you limit the amount of fatty and sugary ‘human’ foods you give as treats and always avoid giving your dog food with chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, blue cheese, onions, caffeine and xylitol in – these are toxic to dogs. Xylitol is a fairly widely used sugar substitute that, even in small amounts, is dangerous for dogs to ingest. Xylitol drastically lowers their blood glucose levels, can cause seizures and liver damage.

There are so many ways to spoil your dog this August 10th. Whether it’s with food treats, a new toy, grooming, training, exercise, play or just a good old stroke and belly rub! by spending time with them and showing your affection, you’ll be strengthening that magical bond you share and cherish.