Pet fire safety

Did you know that over 1000 house fires are accidentally caused by household pets? That’s right! It could be a candle that’s knocked over during zoomies, a paw turning on the gas hob or some naughty little puppy teeth chewing through an electric cable. Whatever the cause, there are lots of steps you can take as a pet owner to reduce the risk of a fire starting.

Firedog Minnie gives us her top tips – she wouldn’t put on the helmet as she’d just had her hair done…

Here are our top tips for keeping your dog and home safe…

  1. Put out those candles. They might be good at creating a lovely relaxing vibe and hiding that doggy smell in your living room – but candles are actually the best at getting knocked over and becoming a fire hazard. Never leave your dog in a room unattended with a naked flame, and make sure to blow the candles out before you go to bed.
  2. Step away from the stove… Lots of house fires are started when a paw knocks the stove on. Does your dog jump up and pinch food off the counter tops? It can be so easy to hit a button on the cooker or twist the hob on when they are on a mission to find some food… To avoid this, remove all temptation from the counter tops and try not to leave your dog in the kitchen unattended.
  3. Puppy proof your home. Puppies (and of course the slightly boisterous older dogs) are always knocking things over! Don’t leave your pup unattended with heaters or lamps that are switched on, or with access to electrical wires, as these can all become serious fire hazards.
  4. Detect that smoke… Make sure all your smoke detectors are working properly. The earlier you are alerted to a fire the better, giving you and your dogs time to evacuate and call for help!

In the event of a Fire…

It is important to consider how all household members (with 2 & 4 legs) will evacuate the building.

Keep leads by the door so you can find them quickly and secure your pet as you leave the building.

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an up to date identity tag and is microchipped. This will make it much easier to reunite you should you become separated.

If you have more than 1 dog and 1 human living in your home, it is a good idea to assign a pup to a person. This means that if you need to evacuate, 1 person is responsible for securing 1 dog, and reduces the risk of them getting loose and running away in the commotion!