National Recycle Week

At Different Dog we are committed to doing everything we can to be kind to the environment. We only get one planet – so we need to look after it.

It all starts in the kitchen. We use local suppliers and ingredients whenever possible (finding bananas grown in Shropshire has proved to be impossible – we had to admit defeat here!).  We order everything in specific quantities – this not only makes it easier for our chefs, but also means we have very little waste, only ordering what we need.

We use the highest quality ingredients that taste delicious, and because we chop all our veg into small pieces that are easy to eat, we can use lots of “wonky veg”. Wonky veg is a term used to describe vegetables that aren’t “pretty” enough to be on the super market – they are just as delicious!

Next up – our pots.

Over the last few years we have spent a huge amount of time trying to find the perfect the balance between our pots being as environmentally friendly and being as strong and user friendly as possible. This has been quite the challenge!  At the moment all our pots are compostable (with PLA, plant starch lining), and trays are recyclable – just peel off the labels and make sure they are clean before you pop them in the recycling bin. We have taken onboard customer feedback in ways we can improve our packaging. 

After months of testing, we are really excited to be launching our new pots later on this year – we really hope you like them! Keep an eye out on our website over the next month…

Keeping it cool…

When delivering frozen dog food, the “frozen” part is crucial. We need our food to stay as cold as possible during transit, and we want to do this using the most environmentally friendly materials we can. 

Introducing… Sheep’s wool!

This natural material is sustainable, renewable and one of nature’s greatest insulators. In our box liners the sheep’s wool itself is compostable, and the lining is biodegradable. Lot’s of our customers re use the insulation for hanging baskets and dog beds. 

Our collect plus service means we can also recycle any returned insulation and use it again – if you’d like anymore information about this please contact our customer delight team at [email protected]!

We posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages earlier this week, asking our lovely customers to share ways in which they recycle their Different Dog packaging. We were thrilled to hear that so many of you are passionate about the environment and reducing waste, so if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the list below:

  • Lara has been using our sheep’s wool insulation to line her hanging baskets.
  • Lisa has been using the wool for felting.
  • Fraser has been distributing the liners among his local homeless community.
  • Bernice has used the wool to insulate her ferns over the winter.
  • Ellie has been using her DD boxes to help her move house.
  • Dom had donated the liners to a local animal rescue centre, where they have been used as bedding for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits!

If you have any other ways you have been recycling our packaging please let us know – we’d love to hear from you!