Give Your Dog the Best Start to Their New Year with Keep-Me-Trim Turkey

It’s the new year, meaning New Year’s Resolutions are underway. It’s a great time to start a fresh – after all we all know the saying “New Year, New Me”! So what better time than now to help your dog trim a few pounds and get them looking their best?

46% of dog overweight

In the UK, it’s estimated that 46% of dogs were classed as overweight or obese in a report published by PDSA in 2019, however only 15% of owners defined their dog as overweight. Diet is critical in helping support health, so this New Year ensure your dog is at their peak fitness and physique to make sure they are as healthy as can be.

Great ways to keep trim

Perfect Portions: If you are looking for your dog to lose a few pounds in 2020 reduce portion sizes and treats where possible. Slightly reducing potion sizes (even by a teaspoon) over time can help combat over-eating in dogs. To find out your dogs ideal portion size, check the label on your dog’s food. At Different Dog, our subscriptions are personalised to your dog, and calculate their calorific needs based on multiple factors such as activity levels and weight. This means you don’t have to worry about the perfect portion – we figure it all out for you.

Keep Me Trim Turkey: An ideal lower calorie alternative to help trim off the pounds is our Keep-Me-Trim Turkey. Our recipe has been nutritionally balanced with your dog’s health in mind by our in-house vet and nutritionist. Using low fat Turkey mince, combined with red cabbage, sweet potato, and apple, Keep-Me-Trim Turkey is not only the perfect slimming recipe for all dogs, including those prone to pancreatitis, but tail waggingly tasty too!!

Exercise the body and mind: Another key factor in weight reduction is exercise – giving daily walks is just as important for our dogs as ourselves, and for large dogs more can be extremely beneficial. So what better way to kick-start 2020 than getting out in the great outdoors and walking off some of that festive food and drink? Dog walking not only helps to keep your dog fit and healthy during the winter months but it also helps to stave off those January Blues by getting us out into the countryside, exercising and socialising with other dog walkers.

Sign up to a subscription now to ensure that your dog can stick to their New Year’s Resolution. With perfect portions of fresh, nutritional, hand cooked dog food, your dog is sure to be at their best!