Entertaining your dog at home

At Crufts we met up with the fabulous Diane of Super Hounds who showed us some of her top tips for using Different Dog food and alternative feeding techniques as enrichment for your dog.

In the coming weeks lots of us will be moving from the office to working from home – which means spending more time with your dog.

Keep reading to find out how you can keep your dog occupied and entertained at home, using their favourite Different Dog recipes!

Alex and Diane at Crufts 2020

-Lickimats- you can use them to feed morning and evening meals or as a treat. We used Shepherd’s Pie, Banana and Peanut butter for a delicious snack.

Peggy’s favourite midday snack- Shepherd’s Pie, Peanut butter and Banana

-If you have any old towels, sheets or shoe boxes you can use these as a way to hide treats for your dog. This is a great way to keep your dog entertained as they need to use their nose and brain to forage for the treats and are rewarded when they find them.

-You can also do this kind of thing in the garden, hiding treats and toys for them to find.

-If you have a Kong, get creative with the fillings. Bananas, Peanut butter, Different Dog food, leftovers from dinner… You can even freeze them to make it more of a challenge! (Just make sure the ingredients you use are dog friendly)

Roxy enjoying a Kong
Roxy enjoying her Kong – filled with Pawfect Picnic

-Short bursts of training stimulate your dog mentally. If you are self- isolating and unable to get out and about on your usual long walks, this is a fantastic way of keeping your dog active, both mentally and physically whilst teaching them new skills!

If you have any tips we can share with our Different Dog community please let us know.

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